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The mission of the Village is to enhance the quality of life and services for the community. Through collaboration, co-operation, sharing of resources, social responsibility and mutual respect, agencies seek effective and sustainable means to provide quality community services. 


Our three-story building, connected to the existing YWCA, provides a cost-effective and centralized space to 7 community-based organizations. Incorporated as a non-profit organization with charitable status, the Village restricts tenancy to non-profit organizations.


The 6 founding agencies of the Village worked as partners with a single goal - that of increasing the value of their resources and their ability to serve their clients. Co-location has provided easier access to services for the community, while sharing resources (such as meeting rooms, audio-visual equipment and a postage machine) and has resulted in increased efficiency. 


The 7 community agencies operating in the Village serve a wide range of clients including:

  • those seeking employment, computer skills and GED training
  • parents and families
  • sexual assault survivors
  • individuals and families in crisis
  • individuals and families affected by poverty, substance abuse and violence


The Village is an example of effective partnering that demonstrates increased capacity to serve a wider range of clients with innovative and more integrated services. It is a meeting place for residents of Saskatoon, where all can work together to build a stronger and more vibrant community.


To learn more about the the Village project:
Saskatoon Community Service Village: A Co-Location Case Study




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